ChoreoFest Dance Workshops

ChoreoFest Dance Workshops

Advance Your Dance Modern Swing
Modern Swing Workshops

April 1st 2023

Register now and reserve your place for the speciality class with limited spaces.

If you don’t have a partner we will provide one for you.

Class size limited to a maximum of 4 couples.

Modern swing camp for ease of learning, memory and practice.

Your opportunity to learn unique sequences no matter your level in swing. Come challenge yourself, grow your dance and increase your love for swing dancing.

After the workshops we will dine out time to socialise and enjoy a coldie.

Follow dinner we will head to the dance party at Leichhardt.



West Coast Swing

Fun Classes 

Dance Choreography

Dance Parties 

West Coast Swing Dance Party
West Coast Swing


Dance Social Diner

Thank you to all who attended 2022 Choreofest to make this event a success!

Modern Swing the “Formula 1” series of Swing dance classes

Fun Social Choreography is the best way to build your partnering skills for any dance style. It’s fun, it doesn’t matter about your level, it doesn’t matter about the dance style, it’s about having fun building your dance, after all dance is an illusion created through movements done to match the music. Don’t worry, the tricks are easy and it’s a whole lot of fun, so come and enjoy the ChoreoFest day of dance and bring your friends. We will even find time to do the International Rally 2022 during the dance party.

It’s also an excellent preparation for Best of the Best.


Your opportunity to learn our unique choreography no matter your experience or level in dance, come challenge yourself and grow in confidence, increase your dance fitness skill and performance by training your body and mind.

The best dancers all have trained in both social choreography and routine choreo to enhance their knowledge and skill, creating more fun on the dance floor. 

Learn how to use these tools to take your dancing to the next level, BAM!  Instant Success!

Raise your level on partnering skills, speed, timing, precision, musicality, shaping and creating lines.


Cross train your dance movement, body control, improve dynamics, proprioception and memorisation skills.

Understanding your body and mind for dance, caring for your body to help you dance for a lifetime.


Put your knowledge and skill to the test by learning and then performing alongside your friends and professional teachers.  Learn how to physically demonstrate the volume of your class content, building on better quality of movement, tone and texture ultimately displaying the characteristics of the music to which you are dancing.

It doesn’t matter your level, it doesn’t matter the style of dance that you do, dance is creating an illusion.  The tricks are easy and it’s a whole lot of fun.  Come and enjoy the ChoreoFest weekend with us!


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