Virtual dance Lessons

Virtual dance Lessons

Virtual Dance Classes

Feel better!  Mind, body & soul…

Are you in lockdown or under restriction?  It’s time to get back to dancing for your physical and mental wellbeing.  The longer you’re away from dance the more faded your recollection becomes regarding how good it makes you feel.  We won’t let you get out of the habit.  We’re here to ensure you keep dancing!  Dancing and dance fit, that is.  Between Virtual Classes and SKDance Online Subscriptions Lessons you can get that endorphin rush you’ve been craving, get moving and see other smiling faces!

What are Virtual Classes?

Join in on a video class from the comfort of your own space, along with other students and led by your Instructor in real-time.

What are Online Subscription Lessons?

Pre-recorded dance instruction videos that you can learn from and dance with, at your convenience.

What if you’re not in lockdown?

That’s excellent… We’re thrilled for you!  Now, if your plans default to streaming a bingeworthy series & scrolling through social media, let’s get constructive.  Maybe you’re shy about dancing, okay, virtual lessons are exactly what you need!  You can take them as a single, couple or invite friends to form a Zoom group!  We have you covered all the way.

Everyone is capable of becoming more fit and healthy or moving to a beat, you might just need to get with an online Instructor, to help you learn some basic moves to get you started. 

Once you get moving you might even be ready to try some online lessons!  You can practice in front of a mirror at home then, when you feel ready, take those simple steps to your local nightclub or party.  See how you feel and start to build that confidence!

Got the dancing or fitness bug? – All you need to do is take a virtual Zoom lesson. No more “Do I feel or look awkward?”, “People will be watching at our wedding!”, “I need to get fit and healthy.”.  We currently have weekly classes for you to join, book a custom class or a private lesson.

Virtual Class Menu

Virtual Online Barre classes at Home

Power Barré

Thursdays 5 PM (weekly)

> Barré Fitness class perfect for all levels and abilities.

> Full body, low to no impact workout.

> Only prop needed is the back of a chair/lounge, a railing or a bench top for stability.

> $15 pp / 55 min Skype session.

Virtual learn Jazz-hip-hop-dance-lessons-online


Mondays 5:30 PM (weekly)

> Add to your step catalogue & enhance your quality of movement when you learn a fun routine to an uplifting Top 40s tune.  Perfect for both the partner & solo dancer.

> A contemporary blend of Jazz, Funk, Pop and Hip Hop.

> $15pp / 55 min Skype session.

Virtual Stretch class at Home

Stretch & Strengthen

AUSTRALIA: Saturdays 10 AM & Fridays 5:30 PM (alternating fortnightly)

UNITED STATES: Fridays at 6PM MST (every other week)

> Build long, lean muscles while increasing flexibility.

> Low to no impact movements, terrific for all levels and abilities.

> Stretching, Conditioning and Target Toning.

> $15pp / 55 min Skype session.

Virtual online Line dance class

Xtra Line Dance

AUSTRALIA: Saturday Mornings (fortnightly – following S&S)

UNITED STATES: Fridays PM MST (every other week – following S&S)

> Learn fun routines in a variety of styles:  Latin, Swing, Ballroom, Country, Club and more…

> Hone your personal style and technique while working on coordination and balance.

> Great for dance fitness and cardio.

> $15pp / 55 min Skype session.

Virtual online Couples Dance

Partner Dancing

Private Lessons or Custom Classes (daytimes, evenings and weekends)

> Take private virtual lessons with your partner while in isolation or if you live a long distance from your Instructor.

> Receive coaching and feedback from your Instructor in real time.

> Learn at your own speed and level of challenge all from the comfort of your own space.

Virtual Zoom Dance Lessons

Custom Classes

Daytimes, Evenings and Weekends

> Have friends who’d like to take classes?  SKDance can create a custom class for your and your friends to take together! 

> Have fun taking virtual classes with your friends while in isolation or long distance.

> Receive coaching from your Instructor in real time.

> Learn at the speed and ability level of your group, in the comfort of your own space.

Private Lessons

Daytimes, Evenings and Weekends

> Receive one-on-one attention.

> Move at your own pace and level of challenge.

> Focus on material that is important to you.

> Receive coaching and feedback from your Instructor in real time.

Virtual Online wedding dance lessons

Wedding Lessons

Daytimes, Evenings and Weekends

> In isolation, long distance or busy lifestyle?  Learn from the comfort and convenience of your own space.

> Learn bespoke material, created especially for your special dance(s).

> Learn at your own pace and ability.

What You Need To Know

We have the ability to broadcast virtual classes from Zoom, Skype & Google Meet.  Weekly group Virtual Classes are held on Skype.  All aforementioned platforms are free to download for the user.

I just want to feel good about myself!

Why We Feel the Urge to Dance?

Let’s face it, we all know that deep down there is an inner dance diva who just wants to let their hair down and bust out some moves.  After all, we all love music! Whether alone in our cars, in our bedrooms or (for the brave) with a group of friends in the local club.  We should all feel the urge to move and get our mojo on when the music gets pumping… So let’s get you dancing!

Let us help you enjoy the greatest achievement in self improvement.

Dance.. Dance… Dance!  Healthy, fun and interactive.

Dancing Today

Dancing is undoubtedly great for the soul but sometimes we become a little self conscious when asked to step on the dance floor.  It’s not exactly part of the Australian culture anymore and most of us don’t think about learning to dance until we are actually confronted with the challenge of keeping time with the music and not looking like we have 2 left feet. 

Then what happens?  We feel out of our element and use the excuse: “Oh no, I don’t dance.”.  All because of a fear of vulnerability, of humiliation in front of peers.  We don’t want to be embarrassed or feel ashamed.

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