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Stretch & Strength Online Lessons

In the Online Stretch and Strength Class, you receive amazing routines, fun easy elements of Stretches, and Trigger-point releases to improve overall health and strength.

The aim of this online class is to improve posture, mobility, functional strength, and the prevention of injuries. The emphasis is to lengthen those muscles that contribute or create disharmony, this is also enhancing your body’s ability to function less restricted, improve self-healing, and overall well being. We also include balance and strength work for specific target areas making this class perfect for those seeking a nice balance to other fitness, especially dancers. You will also notice improvements in your cardio or sports activities helping to maintain body equilibrium, symmetry, and stability.


We don’t want to just give you what you could get on a free Youtube video. We want to connect with people. We can’t always quite replicate what our studio brings, but we can keep our students healthy through online stretch and strength videos.​

We offer a variety of lessons you can play on-demand. We’ll continue to add to our library of classes. Expect to see more gentle stretch and flowing classes coming your way. Your favorite Stretch teacher Keri will be teaching your favorite styles.


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